D350: Stawberry Shortcake Wooden Tea & Cake Set (donated)

Stawberry Shortcake Wooden Tea & Cake Set (donated) photo
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  • Category: PRE
  • No Pieces: 48
  • Manufacturer: The Magic Toy Box
  • Age: 3+ years
  • Replacement cost: $50.00
  • Donated by: John Robertson- Menz Shed
  • Storage: : original box/container


This sweet Strawberry Shortcake Tea and Cake Set creates a wonderful world of pretend play for any child.

Carefully packed in a pretty wooden case you will find everything you need to enjoy a yummy "high tea" party.

Play food can be "cut" and shared, and the toppings can be mixed and matched.

Ages: 3+ years 


Contains: 48 pieces
x1 Wooden Storage Case
x1 Knife
x1 Serving Platter
x1 Sponge Roll (4 pcs)
x2 Tea Cups
x2 Plates
x2 Forks
x2 Spoons
x2 Wafer Biscuits
x2 Tea Cakes - yellow & peach
x2 Donuts - x2 Tops, x2 bottoms, x2 coloured centres (6 pcs)
x2 Ice Creams - x2 yellow cones, x4 coloured ice cream scoop toppings (6 pcs)
x2 Cherries with sticks
x2 Strawberries with sticks
x4 Cream with sticks - white and pink
x4 Fruit - x1 banana (3 pc), x1 Kiwifruit (2 pc), x2 Strawberry (4 pcs)

Warnings! Contains small pieces, not suitable for under 3 years.