Frequently Asked Questions

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We are a Non-Profit Organisation run by a paid Part-time Toy Librarian and a small volunteer Committee/Board.


You may hire up to 5 toys at a time. If you have more than two children this number increases to six toys. You may hire one large toy and several small ones eg: x1 Cosy Coupe Car, x1 Game, x2 puzzles, x1 truck. 

If you wish to hire a large number of toys for a special occasion or birthday party please talk to our Toy Librarian about this. 

Please advise our Toy Librarian as soon as possible.

We deal with breakages on a toy by toy basis as every toy has a different replacement cost.

Please advise our Toy Librarian so she can make a note of this and put the toy aside awaiting the return of the missing piece. If it can't be found within 3 months and the Toy is unusable without that piece, you are welcome to purchase the toy or pay for a replacement one. 

Yes you can play in the Toy Library while you browse our toy range.

We just ask that you use the Hand Sanitizer by the front door. 

YES. Just for an extra week. And only once. 

You must contact our Toy Librarian on 0276315228 if you wish to renew your toys for a further two weeks. Toy renewals can only be done once.