D351: Farm Animal Set Sponsored by Double JJ Stud- Norsewood

Farm Animal Set Sponsored by Double JJ Stud- Norsewood photo
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  • Category: PRE
  • No Pieces: 10
  • Manufacturer: CollectA models
  • Age: 3+ years
  • Replacement cost: $100.00
  • Donated by: Double JJ Stud- Norsewood
  • Storage: : Sistema Container


Down on the farm there are lots of different animals.

Can you name them all? Have you ever seen a cow with horns? or a turkey before?

Did you know a male horse is called a Stallion, and a female is called a Mare. 

That only male peacocks have the pretty colourful tails. 

And Bernese Mountain Dogs lived in alpine regions of Switzerland, where they protected farmers stock and were sometimes used to pull carts.  

Create lots of farm life play with this set of mixed farmyard animals. 

Ages: 3+ years 


x1 Ardennes Bay Stallion
x1 Hanoverian Bay Mare
x1 Black &White Friesian Cow
x1 Horned Highland Cow
x1 Black, Tan & White Bernese Mountain Dog
x1 Pink Sow (pig)
x1 Turkey
x1 Male Peacock
x1 Male Goose (gander)

x1 CollectA models booklet

Warnings! **Contains small pieces, unsuitable for under 3+ years**